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0100 7300

Service cost 1,25 €/call+ 0,25 €/10s+local network charge

"Lähitaksi offers taxi services around the capital area 24 hours a day every day of the year!"

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Bookings for companies

Lähitaksi offers tailored sales services for companies and business delegations by invoice. Find more information here or request a fixed price offer from our sales service:

Ordering a taxi from the nearest taxi rank

In addition to ordering a taxi from the Lähitaksi center you may call your nearest taxi rank and order the car to the address you prefer. When calling the taxi rank numbers 1066 xxxx you’ll need the area code 09 before the actual number. From foreign mobiles the number is +358 9 1066 xxxx. Phone numbers to the taxi ranks can be found here.

If there are no available taxis in the taxi rank, the call will automatically transfer to an available taxi in the near area. If there are no taxis available in the near area, the call will automatically transfer to the Lähitaksi centre.

Tell the taxi operator the city, district and the exact address. If there are any special driving instructions or you have a certain credit card you wish to use, please give the information as well. Please note that the area of Lähitaksi is very broad and consists of many cities so it is vital to always mention the city. Giving all the necessary information will avoid mix-ups.

Taxi rides from Helsinki

We have available cars also in Helsinki city area. You can order yours from Lähitaksi centre by calling 0100 7300 or by Lähitaksi mobile application.

Advance bookings

You can reserve a taxi in advance. Please make the reservation 35 minutes before departure at the latest. If it is possible, we recommend making the reservation 24 hours before departure. If you need a bigger car (station wagon or a van), please mention it when you are making the booking. All advance bookings have to be made to the centre number 0100 7300 or by Lähitaksi mobile application.  Advance bookings for vans for Friday and Saturday nights must be made before 9pm the previous day.

Barrier-free vehicles and taxi cards

You are also able to make bookings for barrier-free vehicles in the whole Lähitaksi service area. These bookings should be made by telephone to number 0100 744. The service cost is 0,99€/call + local network charge.

Advance bookings

Advance bookings for barrier-free vehicles must be made at least 2 hours before and can be made 30 days before departure. Additional fees that can be charged are for assistance 15,70€ or 31,40€ and for pre-booking 7,10€.


In order to secure a flexible service we kindly ask you to mention the following things in your booking:

*mobility aids like a wheelchair etc.
*oversized luggage
*assistance that might be needed

Customers that need a weekly taxi for work or education can make the booking by telephone to number 0100 7444 (barrier-free vehicles for customers with a taxi card) or 0100 7333 (other customers with a taxi card) or by  e-mail:

Instructions for the transportation services by cities/municipalities can be found on their websites or can be asked straight from the city/municipality that has issued the card for you.

Feedback about these transportations can be made by telephone to number 09 588 5400 between 9 am and 3 pm or by e-mail:

Special requests

If you have special needs we will attend to them. When travelling with pets or in need of courier service please be sure to give the information to the taxi operator. Please mention your special needs when making the booking.

Cancelling your order

In normal orders the booking can be cancelled if we have not found a car for you within reasonable time. Otherwise the driver will usually take the start fee (5,90/9,00€) in case of cancellation. In advance bookings please make your cancellation no later than one hour prior to your departure time.


Always ask the driver for a receipt for your ride. It is very useful in case you have any questions later i.e. concerning lost goods or when giving feedback about the ride.

Did you know?

Lähitaksi actively dispatches rides in 18 cities, with a population of 830 000 altogether.

Lähitaksi service area is 5000 km².