Call center

Call 0100 7300 (service cost 1,92 €/call+ 0,25 €/10s+local network charge).

Mobile application

Free and easy to use application for ordering a taxi in the capital area. Download in the app stores or here.

Advance bookings

You can reserve a taxi also in advance. If  possible, we recommend making the reservation 24 hours before especially if you have special requests. All advance bookings are made by calling  0100 7300  (service cost 1,92 €/call+ 0,25 €/10s+local network charge) or by Lähitaksi mobile application. Fee for an advance booking is 7,00€ for 1-4 persons and 14,00€ for 5-8 persons.

Special requests like a minivan for a large number of passengers (max. 8 passengers)  must be mentioned when you are making the booking.  Advance bookings for vans for Friday - Saturday and Saturday - Sunday nights must be made before 9 pm the previous day.

Lähitaksi is not responsible in case there is not a car available for a pre-order due to high demand, traffic jam, exceptional weather conditions or any other cause of a problem in availability.

Special requests

If you have special needs we will attend to them as well as possible:

-small goods transport (max. 100 kg)
-long-distance rides
-barrier-free vehicles
-assistance that might be needed

Please be sure to give the information when you are making the booking.

Taxi ranks

In addition to ordering a taxi from the Lähitaksi center you may call your nearest taxi rank and order the car to the address you prefer. When calling the taxi rank numbers 1066 xxxx you’ll need the area code 09 before the actual number. From foreign mobiles the number is +358 9 1066 xxxx. Phone numbers to the taxi ranks can be found here as "Taksiasemat".

If there are no available taxis in the taxi rank, the call will automatically transfer to an available taxi in the near area. If there are no taxis available in the near area, the call will automatically transfer to the Lähitaksi centre.


Always ask the driver for a receipt for your ride. It is very useful in case you have any questions later i.e. concerning lost goods or when giving feedback about the ride.

Cancelling your order

In normal orders the booking can be cancelled if we have not found a car for you within reasonable time. Otherwise the driver has the right to charge the start fee in case of cancellation.

 In advance bookings please make your cancellation no later than one hour prior to your departure time.

Lähitaksi's responsibility

Lähitaksi is responsible for transmitting customer orders to drivers. Once a driver approves an order, the responsibility for providing the appropriate service is transferred to the driver.

Airport taxi

Travel to and from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport with Lähitaksi. Read more here.

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