Valid from 30.6.2017 to 30.6.2018


Base fee  
Weekdays from 6 am to 8 pm 5,9€
Saturdays and eves of holidays from 6 am to 4 pm 5,9€
Other hours 9€
Charge for waiting 47,04€/h
Other fees  
Fee for advance booking (order made at least 35 minutes before) 7,10€
Airport fee for rides leaving from the airport 2,5€
Assistance fee – if a customer requires assistance and a vehicle equipped for the disabled 15,70€
Assistance fee – as above, but assistance in stairs is done manually or with the help of a stair climber 31,40€
Fee for stretcher – retrieval and installation before transport of stretchers needed for the transportation of a customer 29,20€
Fee for large objects  and for the transportation of pets. No fee for a customer's normal baggage or for guide dogs. 2,80€

Cost per kilometre €/km

Tariff I 1-2 persons 1,60€
Tariff II 3-4 persons 1,91€
Tariff III 5-6 persons 2,07€
Tariff IV more than 6 persons 2,23€

Prices include VAT 10%.

For purposes of fare class selection, two children under 12 years are counted as one person.

If a customer requires a vehicle equipped with an appropriate stretcher, fare class 3 is applied.

The driver starts the meter when arriving to your address.

Small goods transport

Transport of small packages or other freight of max. 100 kg is referred to as small goods transport.

Taxis are free to price these types of transport as they consider appropriate with the VAT of 24%.

Payment options

All Lähitaksi cars accept cash, debit cards, Visa Electron as well as common international credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Eurocard. All Lähitaksi cars accept also Lähitaksiraha.