Taxi to and from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Travelling from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport:

Finavia has started to build a new taxi rank in front of Terminal 2. This means taxis and passenger drop-off and pick-up have been concentrated in front of Terminal 1 as of 2 March 2021.

Building the new taxi rank is part of Terminal 2’s (T2) expansion project. The taxi and passenger pick-up and drop-off arrangements to begin in March will last until December 2021, which is when the airport’s new main entrance will be opened and the final traffic arrangements will be completed.

Helsinki Airport’s taxi rank and drop-off platforms are located in front of Terminal 1 (T1). It is a familiar location, but small changes have been made to the traffic arrangements. Places have also been arranged for pre-booked taxis at the T1 taxi rank (see map, nr 5). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all flights have for now been concentrated in T2, which passengers can access on foot from T1 via the corridor connecting the two terminals. The distance between the terminals is about 300 meters.

Lähitaksi airport taxis operate at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. In Terminal 1 (T1) you'll find us in the first row (see map, nr 1), with easy access right outside the terminal building.

We offer fixed prices as well as a safe travel.  If there is no Lähitaksi car available, please turn to the airport staff and ask them to help.

We have also fixed prices. When taking a taxi from the Lähitaksi airport taxi row the prices are found here.

Travelling to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport:

Order a taxi from our call center: 0100 7300  (1,92 € + 0,25 € / 10 s + local/mobile network charge) or order by Taksini mobile application for free.You can download Lähitaksi application also directly from your app store.
When ordering a Lähitaksi from our call center or by mobile application the prices are found here.


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